Employee Review Response Do's & Don'ts

94% Believe Negative Reviews Damage a Company’s Talent Brand.

75% of Candidates Research a Company’s Talent Brand When Applying.

When employers respond and show they care about postivie and negative reviews, it has a helpful impact onthe Talent Brand in a candidate’s eyes.

– Set up a company profile page on review sites
– Respond to reviews in a timely manner
– Be human and empathetic when responding

– Be defensive or curt when responding
– Use canned or boilerplate responses
– Post fake positive reviews

Your Superstar Employer Value Proposition

EVP: Employer Value Proposition

The common explanation for an EVP is a set of offerings provided by an organization in return for skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to that particular company.

The typical components that make up an EVP include:
– Compensation
– Benefits
– Career Advancement
– Work Environment
– Company Culture

An effective EVP aligns the whole work experience, from culture, mission & values, to compensation & total rewards, through jobs & people.

5 Tips for a
Superstar Talent Brand

5 Tips

1. Know your current state: Audit review sites like Indeed and Glassdoor to see what current and past employees are saying about your company.

2. Nail your EVP (employer value proposition): Confirm that you are offering a competitive EVP and verify that you can deliver on what you are promising potential employees.

3. Focus on candidate experience: Candidate experience is very similar to customer experience.

4. Use superstar employee testimonials: Employee testimonials that are genuine and current can greatly help your Talent Brand. Use video testimonials whenever you can.

5. Monitor social media and respond: Continually monitor social media for positive and negative comments – AND RESPOND.

Employer Brand
Talent Brand

Employer Brand does NOT equal Talent Brand

Employer Brand encompasses how you want your organization to be perceived and the specific messaging you use when sharing information about your company. It is basically the “story” you tell potential candidates as a company.

Talent Brand is often referred to as “the perception of what it is like to work for your company as defined by past, current and prospective emloyees”.

Your Employer Brand needs to match your Talent Brand!!

Candidate Experience
Do's and Don'ts

3 tips to incorporate as you improve Candidate experience & 3 tips on what to avoid doing to improve Candidate Experience and Talent Brand.

Does and Don’ts to Improve Candidate Experience and Talented Brand

Do’s #1: Set expectations with candidates right away.
Do’s #2: Streamline your application. Keep It Simple.
Do’s #3: Ask candidates for their feedback.

Don’ts #1: Assume unqualified candidates don’t matter.
Don’ts #2: Rely on your application tracking system and automation.
Dont’s #3: Don’t reject interviewed candidates via ATS or Email.

Candidate Experience
Your Bottom Line

Candidate experience is how a job seeker perceives & reacts to a companies sourcing, recruting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding processing.

62% of candidates who walk away from your interviewing and screening process that have a POSITIVE experience will recommend your company to others!

27% of candidates with a NEGATIVE experience DISCOURAGE others from applying to your company!

Auditing Your
Application Process

2 Key Tips for Auditing Your company’s Talent Acquisition Process to Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience.

#1 Time and Ease to Apply: How long and complicated was the application process?

#2 Your Company’s Response: Do they get an auto generated reply from your applicant tracking system and then nothing. Or, do you have someone contact them with feedback or next steps?

Selecting a Profile Assessment Tool

There are a myrid of profile assessment tools available for organizations and it can get confusing and cumbersome to find the right one for your needs.

3 Keys to Selecting the Best Tool for YOUR Needs:

Key 1: Is it reliable, valid, useful and tailored to your needs?

Key 2: Does the tool give you an easy way to determine if someone is a good fit within your organization?

Key 3: What is the expereince like for the person taking it?

Creating an Ideal
Candidate Profile

We’ve found the best way to consistenly hire Superstars is to…

Look internally and identify Superstar employees

Survey the Superstar employees and managers and ask questions about how they approach their jobs and what makes them successful in your company.

Develop interview questions and use the same profile assessment to help identify those key traits and characteristis for potential new hires.

Be CONSISTENT in your interview process and don’t capitulate on these core traits in lieu of job experience and resume highlights.

Defining A Superstar

We will generally define a Superstar employee as someone who CONSISTENTLY performs in the Top 10% of anyone in their role and also fits within your organization from a values, culture and affordability standpoint.

Insanity in the Hiring Process

20190516203811_0-Albert Einstein Picture for Resources & Insights page (1)

I came across this familiar saying from Albert Einstein and I’m sure you have heard it a million times before. What caught my attention was the look on Albert’s face that accompanied the saying. A look is worth a thousand words and his look screams “wake up!”. It made me think of how companies still use the same recruiting strategy of posting their jobs, screening and interviewing those that apply and select the “best of the bunch”.

It made me think of how companies still use the same recruiting strategy of posting their jobs, screening and interviewing those that apply and select the “best of the bunch”.

Rethink Candidate Experience


Candidate experience is real. As a manager or executive in your organization, have you tested your  application and hiring process to see if it is creating the wrong first impression and maybe limiting your ability to attract top talent?

Many times, the process is cumbersome or even broken and Superstar candidates are taking their talents elsewhere!

The Real Cost of a Bad Hire


Have you stopped to think about the TRUE COST of a “miss” on hiring someone? Not just the hard cost of severance, new recruitment costs, etc.

When you factor the loss of Team morale, potential “trickle-down” turnover, loss of productivity, lagging initiatives and strategic direction etc. it really adds up!

It can also look bad on you as a Manager and cost you personally.

Nashville's Talent War is ON!


Local organizations need to have a strategic plan for how they are going to acquire new Superstars and retain their current “A Players” or they will fall behind from a talent perspective and declines in operations and financial performance will soon follow!

How is your organization planning to survive Nashville’s War for Talent?

Flip the 'Script'


The increasing need for Superstar employees to ensure success makes talent the true difference maker for long term growth and profitability. Therefore, common sense dictates an organization should do all in their power to attract the best talent for their opportunities. A true “no brainer”, right?