The Consultation Session

We “dig deep” and invest considerable time learning your culture, success strategy and the key core traits that makes someone a Superstar in your company. We focus on FIT.

We uncover the unwritten nuances of the opportunity and help everyone see the full picture of what is truly needed for success.  We even have the hiring manager and select Superstars in your organization partake in The Judgement Index Assessment to use as a benchmark for evaluating potential candidates for “FIT”.

We also thoroughly evaluate your current Talent Acquisition Process and help develop your Employer Value Proposition & Talent Brand.

We build a tailor-made recruitment approach for this opportunity while ensuring we are targeting Superstars who are the RIGHT FIT for your needs and saving you time and money in the long run.

The Superstar Opportunity Profile

Traditional job descriptions and postings don’t attract Superstars. We don’t use them. Instead, we create a unique Superstar Opportunity Profile. You can think of it as a “sales brochure” – on steroids

The electronic document includes the profile of a successful Superstar in the role.  More importantly, it provides the right information to help attract and gain interest from Superstars.  It features photos and links to video vignettes of your hiring manager and current employees informing Superstars why your company and opportunity is the right fit.

Proactive Superstar Search Campaign

The key word here is PROACTIVE!

Superstars aren’t looking for their next opportunity and don’t apply to job postings.  We go find them!

Our process includes a custom search that leverages a detailed market map along with our national industry relationships and a targeted outreach strategy.

We identify Superstar talent and initiate conversations about your opportunity. We do whatever it takes to get your opening in front of the Superstar via email, phone, social media, network referrals and introductions. We are relentless.

Superstar Filter Process

We determine who will be a Superstar and the right fit for your opportunity and organization.

We uncover their innate qualities and learn what makes them tick.

We provide you a slate of potential Superstars with executive summaries, Judgement Index Profiles, and initial references.

Interviewing for Superstars

This is a huge step in the process, and we are with you every step of the way!  We help you eliminate the possible interviewing mistakes that can cost you your Superstar and help you “sell” your opportunity during the interviews.

From scheduling and coordinating the interviews to providing interview questions for your team to ask – we provide unparalleled support. You’ll even get a detailed Scorecard to compare all candidates against the ideal Superstar Profile.

Securing your Superstar

Using full transparency, we work with both you and the Superstar to help negotiate and create the right offer package to secure the Superstar and be thrilled to join your team.

Retaining your Superstar

Before your Superstar’s first day, we work with you to develop tools and success targets to ensure your Superstar is successful for the first year and beyond.

With 30, 90, and 180-day check-ins with both you and the Superstar, we stay involved to guarantee success.

That’s why we guarantee our hires for a full year!